(0) Fertility patients in England being failed by unfair access to funding
When it comes to fertility treatment in the UK, and specifically IVF, there are two way of doing it: private or NHS funded treatment. When you add in the factor of where you live, how old you are, what sex your partner is and if you’ve had children in the past it becomes a whole other story.
(0) Fertility treatment trends and improvements
3.5 million people in the UK are currently facing fertility issues and that number is on the rise. National fertility week, 1-5 November, aims to: Change perceptions of fertility and infertility Signpost support across all stages of fertility journeys Raise funds to enable important organisations to continue helping everyone facing fertility issues Here are some trends and figures looking at the changes and improvements of fertility treatments to kick start this important week.
(0) Vaginal microbiome - A gateway to your sexual health and fertility
You hear a lot about the bacteria living in your gut and how important that is for your health and fertility. But, you are likely much less familiar with the bacteria living in your vagina aka the vaginal microbiome. And trust me, you want to know your vaginal microbiome; it is a door to empowerment and informed decision making. Your vaginal microbiome is crucial for your health. It affects everything from your ability to fight infections, likelihood of you contracting STDs, getting pregnant, miscarrying and even developing certain cancers.
(0) Steps to take when trying to conceive
Nearly all women know they need to see a doctor or midwife after becoming pregnant in order to make the right lifestyle changes for their baby’s health. But, it is just as important to start making those changes before you get pregnant. These steps will help you prepare you body and mind for conception, improve your chances of a successful conception, pregnancy and a healthy baby.
(0) Does how I have sex affect my chances of getting pregnant?
When you are trying for a baby you are open to just about anything to make it happen as fast as possible. One of the most common questions asked is does sexual position matter?
(0) Unvaccinated pregnant women at increased risk of severe disease
Although the UK boasts one of the fastest vaccination programs in the world, estimates based on GP records and Public Health England data suggest hundreds of thousands of pregnant women have not had the Covid jab as the numbers of mums-to-be in hospital with the virus rises.
(0) AMH: the hormone that can help you make plans
At ScreenMe we believe all woman of reproductive age should have access to affordable hormone testing to get an insight into their current and future fertility. AMH is one of our favourite hormones because it can give us a great deal of information about our fertility and help us make plans for the present or the future.
(0) Nutrition and lifestyle tips to help fight Endometriosis
Endometriosis is a condition affecting women during their reproductive years. The endometrial tissue (lining of the uterus) spreads outside the uterus (womb) and causes a combination of pain, bleeding, bladder/bowel symptoms and problems with fertility.
(0) 8 Supplements to boost male fertility and increase sperm count
Giving your body the best possible foods and supplements is an easy way to set good terrain and foundation and remain ahead. Working with a professional team of NHS doctors, geneticists and clinical nutritionists to choose the right balance of vitamins for you and personalising your journey can help improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy.
(0) How to Increase Male Fertility [10 Easy but Important Tips]
Teamwork makes dreams work, assessing the health of everyone involved in the process of making a little human simultaneously leaves no stone unturned. Whatever your journey to parenthood: natural conception, IUI, IVF, surrogacy, it is vitally important that a man (or sperm donor), look after himself on that journey.