Nutritional food tailored for your fertility.

For a natural conception, healthy pregnancy and beyond.

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Fertility can be so confusing! You want to do the best for your chances of a natural conception and healthy pregnancy but everyone seems to have an opinion on what that is.

At ScreenMe our expert team of PhD Scientists, nutritionists and doctors will make specific, personalised recommendations for real foods and lifestyle that will give you control of both your reproductive health and your future baby’s health. What you eat now could support fertility and lower your future baby’s risk of developing a preventable disease for life.

Cutting edge micronutrient,
hormone and microbiome

Tailored nutrition
based on science.

Reports, advice and video
consultations from
healthcare professionals.

Repeat tests to track your
progress and ensure your success!

Vitamins and minerals:
Vitamin B12 and zinc deficinecy
Personalised nutrition and
lifestyle advise:
Report and video consultations
Probiotic bacteria:
Low lactobacillus
Fertility and Hormones :
Raised FSH and Low progesterone

General advice for diet in fertility can only go so far, not everyone has the same cycle and problems after all! With specific knowledge of your unique cycle, micronutrient levels, hormones and microbiome we will make suggestions that are tailored to you. You can then cook the meals you love, using ingredients that will give you the best possible chance of natural conception, and your baby the best start in life.

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Finding out how taking control of your fertility and tackling preventable disease is easy with ScreenMe. There’s no need to go to a clinic, we send everything you need right to your door. Simply send back your samples and we will send your results along with fully personalised advice, you’ll even get consultations with your very own health expert!

Why Choose ScreenMe?

At ScreenMe we are a group of PhD scientists, medical doctors and nutritionists. Our team are highly qualified ranging from doctorates in genetics and molecular biology to University of Cambridge graduates in medicine and natural sciences. We bring the best minds together and use the most advanced technologies so you can get the best service possible.

Our Founders

Meet Golnoush and Lukasz

Let us be your partners in health.

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What others say:

I have used ScreenMe for over a year and it has truly transformed my relationship with food. Knowing how my diet affects  my microbiome and the impact that has on my health has empowered me to take control. I can’t thank the team enough for their advice on improving my energy levels and concentration as well as how to alter my exercise routine in line with my menstrual cycle."

Nina 30, London 

What others say:

I thank ScreenMe so much for everything during my pregnancy. My midwives were very impressed with the health and size of my placenta as-well as the cord. ScreenMe helped me make sure I had a reasonable balance of nutrients to meet my needs as-well as my baby’s. 

Louisa 27 from London

What others say:

My husband and I both joined ScreenMe with the aim to  optimise our health as-well as reach a healthy weight. ScreenMe has helped us both understand so much more about our unique bodies. We have learnt how to eat in a healthy way tailored to our individual needs which has helped both of us significantly."

Sahba 27, London

What others say:

“ScreenMe opened up a world I had always been curious about, the inner workings of ones metabolism.  I’m now a ScreenMe convert and look forward to continuing to improve my health with the easy and fun combination of testing, nutrition and education."

Simon 37, London

What others say:

“I have long struggled with weak hair, nails and joints. ScreenMe helped me discover which nutrients my body was lacking and what was in excess. ScreenMe helped me identify what changes I needed to make in my diet and which supplements I should take. My blood sugar levels returned to optimum range within 1 month of implementing advice and I have now after 5 month seen significant improvements in my nail growth. Thank you ScreenMe. "

Farnoush 28, London