Personalised nutrition can really improve your reproductive health and your future baby’s health too. Our expert scientists, doctors and nutritionists are all here to help you with personalised food and lifestyle recommendations.

Why nutrition is important?

Vitamins and minerals:
Vitamin B12 and zinc deficinecy
Personalised nutrition and lifestyle advise:
Report and video consultations
Probiotic bacteria:
Low lactobacillus
Fertility and Hormones :
Raised FSH and Low progesterone

General advice for diet in fertility can only go so far. After all, not everyone has the same cycle and problems.

By getting to know your unique cycle, your micronutrient levels, your hormones and your microbiome we can make suggestions that are tailored exactly to you. You can then cook the meals you love, using ingredients that will give you the best possible chance of natural conception, and your baby the best start in life.

With ScreenMe, taking control of your fertility and tackling preventable disease is easy. And you’ll even get consultations with your very own health expert! There’s no need to go to a clinic, we send everything you need right to your door. Simply send back your samples and we will send your results, along with fully personalised advice.

Which ScreenMe fertility package is right for you?

You have 3 ScreenMe packages to choose from, each designed to assess and maximise your fertility. All our packages include unlimited access to our dashboard, with its useful benefits and support.

Women's fertility package

Picture of Women's fertility package
Gives you an insight into your overall reproductive health and future fertility.
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Women's fertility, wellness, hormone and nutrient package

Picture of Women's fertility, wellness, hormone and nutrient package
An in-depth look into the status of your fertility, nutrition levels, and hormone. Identifies how your health could be affecting your fertility.
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Women’s advanced fertility and health package

Picture of Women’s advanced fertility and health package
A holistic, solution-based programme if you are looking to maximise your reproductive health, struggling to conceive, undergoing infertility treatment such as IVF or have conditions like PCOS or endometriosis.
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Vaginal health test

Picture of Vaginal health test
ScreenMe's vaginal health test looks at your entire vaginal ecosystem which is responsible for lowering the risk of bacterial vaginosis, recurrent UTIs, STDs, fertility complications and HPV infection. Vaginal microbiome provides vital insight into a woman's health and is necessary for preventative healthcare.
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Advanced vaginal health test

Picture of Advanced vaginal health test
The most comprehensive vaginal health test screening all bacteria and yeast in your vagina. ScreenMe's advanced vaginal health test looks at your entire vaginal ecosystem which is responsible for lowering the risk of bacterial vaginosis, thrush, recurrent UTIs, STDs, fertility complications and HPV infection. Vaginal microbiome provides vital insight into a woman's health and is necessary for preventative healthcare.
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All our packages give you unlimited use of the ScreenMe dashboard, containing all our fertility-friendly foods plus written recipes.

You’ll also have access to:

  • Discounted repeat tests
  • Consultations
  • Reviewed and approved supplementation
  • Unlimited email support


Which ScreenMe package
is right for you?

If you’re not sure, our online tool will help you choose the right package.

Success stories

I had an amazing experience with ScreenMe. The service was prompt and professional. They helped me track my nutrition through my pregnancy and advised on how to boost certain nutrients- linked both to my personal profile and my foetus’ developmental needs at different stages. I had a healthy pregnancy and baby girl. The midwives noted how large and healthy my placenta was and I put this down to the invaluable advice and guidance I received from ScreenMe

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Knowledgeable experts who give simple yet effective day to day advice to help you get healthier. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in trying to get healthier in the long run, including improving fertility health beyond what is available via doctors/online.

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Khizer Khan

Absolutely exceptional service provided by all the staff at screenme. I got my blood test done and everything was explained to me no matter how many repeated questions I had they were really very supportive and helpful. I cannot recommend screenme enough. The admin staff to the doctors all are amazing in what they do. From start to end I was supported though emails, any questions I had regarding my report or tailored nutrition or anything related, help was offered immediately or later that day. Admin Alia and Dr Golshirazi have my upmost respect as they really showed care and understanding. Absolutely loved my experience and will suggest anyone with fertility issues to contact screenme. You will not be disappointed.

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Amara Khan

I started a fertility plan with Screenme to optimise my health before trying to conceive. The entire service was so fast and efficient and the bespoke, personalised approach really sets Screenme apart from other fertility clinics. After starting the diet plan and supplements I noticed an almost instant improvement in my quality of sleep and energy levels. I've received constant personalised guidance throughout the whole process and can't thank the team enough for their support and advice. I would highly recommend Screenme to anyone concerned about their health and fertility.

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Sara Vaghefian

I suffer from PCOS and have been since 2015. It was the first time I felt heard about my symptoms and concerns regarding my PCOS. Having had numerous visits to the GP asking them for more information about my PCOS and how to deal with it and I was being turned away repeatedly. I am so glad I came across Screen me, they have a fast service and really do listen to concerns. Depending on the kit purchases, you get your reports with the test results and the nutritionist was also very thorough.

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My husband and I purchased the couples fertility package in hopes of improving our overall, as well as our fertile health. I have suffered from PCOS most of my life and Dr Golshirazi and the team was immediately and very proactively supportive and talked us through the steps. We undertook tests from the comfort of our own home and very quickly had thorough and indepth consultations with the ScreenMe team of experts who offered us both fantastic insights and useful tips to easily improve and control our health. I can already say I feel more energetic. I am sleeping better and for once I am more in control of my health without worrying about diets. The team has been expectional in providing support, tests, supplements and insights to help me manage the condition. I am so impressed with how proactive and knowledgable the team is and we are so so grateful for their help in our journey. I could not ask for better support! This is not like the usual mircobiome tests, instead you have hands on support and help from experts. I would recommend to everyone, whether you're looking to try to have a baby, improve your health or are pregnant!

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Zahra Haider

I have had a fantastic journey with screenme over the last year. My first consultation was most enlightening - highlighting things that doctors would never comment on! It was not just about treating numbers or symptoms but prevention! We even went over the time i was booked for. The consultant would pay attention to the detail and take time to explain everything which helped me follow the advise thereafter more religiously. Before my next testing, my nail, hair and skin had transformed - without the need to use any sort of cream o serum. My bone pain had also improved. This was a great achievement for me as over the years the doctors had been unable to help with this be it through supplements or physio ! My microbiome diversity and energy score was also raised under the guidance of my personal consultant from one test to the other and i certainly felt better. We also identified health markers that were not optimised and actually managed to improve those for the second round of testing and maintain the improvement till now. I dont have any symptoms, but I am now investing in their hormonal balance journey as I have really accepted their vision of a world free of preventable disease! Its important to give our body the attention it needs and use personalised health care advise and instructions. I cant recommend them enough - will write again after the hormonal balance journey and let you know how it went

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I had a really good experience with ScreenMe. I signed up out of curiosity. I don't suffer with any particular condition thankfully and my GP never flagged particular concerns in past blood tests. I'm generally quite interested in nutrition and ScreenMe helped me understand where there's room for improvement. For instance, while I wasn't deficient enough to worry my GP, I was actually below average on a few key nutrients - and this was affecting my energy levels, concentration and mood and leading to headaches. I gained awareness of which micronutrients I was deficient in... micronutrients my GP would never have tested for, as I was only experiencing slight symptoms. ScreenMe explained the facts clearly. They didn't fear-monger, exaggerate or push me to take any unnecessary steps. Instead I now feel empowered and better informed about my body and how I can optimize my diet. I enjoyed the virtual consultation and found the kits easy to use... although the bloods took me a while! Some content in the consultation was familiar, but there were many practical and detailed suggestions made specifically to fit my profile based on my test results. I have incorporated these into my day to day life and feel better for it!

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