Women's nutrition and vaginal health fertility package

Manufacturer: ScreenMe
Screen your nutrients, health markers and vaginal microbiome, receive reports from our NHS doctor, have a video consultation with your ScreenMe nutritionist and tailor your food and lifestyle to optimise your health and fertility
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This is a combined kit containing the inside out health marker test and the vaginal health test and also includes one consultation with your ScreenMe nutritionist to tailore your nutrition and lifestyle and get you started on your journey to maximising your fertility and health.

Test your blood health markers and the vaginal microbiome to get a comprehensive insight into your current sate of health and fertility. Assess your cardiovascular, liver and thyroid health as-well as body inflammation and blood sugar levels. Discover the world of vaginal microbiome and learn how it can affect your fertility, immune system, risk of misscariage and pregnancy complications.

Learn how to ensure you are getting the right nutrients for both your health and fertility.

This package does not include testing of hormones and is suitable for those who have no need of hormonal testing or have already tested their hormones through the NHS.

About this test:

This test consistes of an easy to do stool swab tests and a finger prick blood tests.

Explore the complexity of your health with ScreenMe.  Get access to the cutting-edge science and

Measure your blood health markers to asses your heart, liver, thyroid and immune health. Check your levels of vital nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Uncover a vast microbial ecosystem in your gut which are passed on to your baby at birth and have a big impact on baby's immune and metabolic health aswell as cognitive function.

Based on your results, our ScreenMe expert scientists and nutritionists ensure that you receive all the information and guidance you need. Receive informed nutritional and lifestyle advice tailored to your needs and track your progress to improve your health, reduce risk of preventable disease and reach your full potential.

Start your journey to a healthy conception!

This pack will contain two kits and the tests will provide you with the following results:

1. Health Marker test kit:

  • Lipid profile: LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Cholesterol ratios

  • Liver Profile: Gamma GT, Alanine transferase, Albumin, Alkaline phosphatase, Globulin, Total protein and Bilirubin

  • Thyroid profile: TSH, FT4

  • Diabetes risk: HbA1c

  • Inflammation: CRP-hs

  • Vitamins: Vitamin B12, Vitamin B9 and Vitamin D

  • Minerals:  Iron

2. Microbiome Test kit:

  • Vaginal heralth score

  • Vaginal microbiome diversity

  • Vaginal community state type

  • Vaginal bacterial composition including pathigenic bacteria
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