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Picture of Basic health marker test

Basic health marker test

This test will look at your heart, liver and thyroid health markers. Check if your lifestyle is affecting your energy, mood, weight, skin and sleep and increasing your risk of heart, liver and thyroid disorders. Get all the essential information about your health status with our at-home finger prick test.
Picture of Basic hormonal balance test

Basic hormonal balance test

A simple finger-prick blood test to for LH, FSH, oestradiol, testosterone, SHBG, Free androgen index and prolactin providing an insight into sex hormones and hormonal balance.
Picture of Gut Microbiome test

Gut Microbiome test

Discover the world of microbiome in your gut by using cutting edge science. The diversity of the bacteria living in your gut is directly related to many health functions such as digestive health, immune system, weight control, metabolism, cardiovascular health and mood. Using this test learn how to influence your microbiome to improve your health. Now, you can discover the secrets of your microbiome form the comfort of your home
Picture of Men's fertility test

Men's fertility test

Our easy, at-home, finger-prick blood test for men's fertility and hormonal health. Men's hormonal balance can impact fertility, sperm health, mood and sleep quality.
Picture of Men's fertility, wellness, hormone and nutrient test

Men's fertility, wellness, hormone and nutrient test

Our comprehensive, at-home, finger-prick blood test for men's health which includes fertility hormones, vitamins and minerals. This comprehensive test allows to examine whether hormonal, nutritional or metabolic imbalances are affecting fertility, mood, productivity, cardiac health and more. With the help of ScreenMe health expert you can personalise your nutrition and supplements to maximise your fertility and reach optimal health.
Picture of Advanced vaginal health test

Advanced vaginal health test

The most comprehensive vaginal health test screening all bacteria and yeast in your vagina. ScreenMe's advanced vaginal health test looks at your entire vaginal ecosystem which is responsible for lowering the risk of bacterial vaginosis, thrush, recurrent UTIs, STDs, fertility complications and HPV infection. Vaginal microbiome provides vital insight into a woman's health and is necessary for preventative healthcare.