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(0) Chronic fatigue syndrome and hormonal imbalance
Taking care of your physical and mental health has become more and more critical in our busy everyday life. Millions of people experience insomnia, fatigue, problems with concentration and other symptoms that affect their everyday life. If you have recently begun to notice low energy levels or feel tired after resting or sleeping, maybe it is not just a symptom of working too much. The problem could be more profound.
(0) Hormones and fertility: what to check?
The menstrual cycle of each woman is highly regulated by hormones. The regular level of hormonal fluctuation is unique, but there are standard healthy ranges for fluctuations. Going out of range can be a sign of hormonal dysregulation and reproductive issues. If conceiving is among your plans in the future, we highly recommend reading this article, to understand how a woman's body functions.
(0) AMH: the hormone that can help you make plans
At ScreenMe we believe all woman of reproductive age should have access to affordable hormone testing to get an insight into their current and future fertility. AMH is one of our favourite hormones because it can give us a great deal of information about our fertility and help us make plans for the present or the future.