Blog posts of '2021' 'September'

(0) Vaginal microbiome - A gateway to your sexual health and fertility
You hear a lot about the bacteria living in your gut and how important that is for your health and fertility. But, you are likely much less familiar with the bacteria living in your vagina aka the vaginal microbiome. And trust me, you want to know your vaginal microbiome; it is a door to empowerment and informed decision making. Your vaginal microbiome is crucial for your health. It affects everything from your ability to fight infections, likelihood of you contracting STDs, getting pregnant, miscarrying and even developing certain cancers.
(0) Steps to take when trying to conceive
Nearly all women know they need to see a doctor or midwife after becoming pregnant in order to make the right lifestyle changes for their baby’s health. But, it is just as important to start making those changes before you get pregnant. These steps will help you prepare you body and mind for conception, improve your chances of a successful conception, pregnancy and a healthy baby.
(0) Does how I have sex affect my chances of getting pregnant?
When you are trying for a baby you are open to just about anything to make it happen as fast as possible. One of the most common questions asked is does sexual position matter?